10 clean eating tips for you and your family

For decades, clean eating has and will always be a topic around the health industry. Eating clean means apart from eating hygienic foods, you must also stay away from processed food and striving to eat whole foods. Eating clean sounds easy, but it is an uphill battle especially when a family is involved.

Here are a few tips that will help a family adopt clean eating;

1.Discuss healthy changes This is a lifestyle change, and everyone needs to be on board. Talk about the possible changes that should be expected. Explain the advantages of eating whole foods, the energy that is gained and does not dwell on the things you will be cutting off.

  2.Start slowly Do not try to change everything at once. Pick a few areas to start working on, and once you have successfully worked on an area, you move to the next. For example; add more fruits and vegetables in meals and snacks. Once the family is comfortable with them, it is easier to let go of processed foods.

  3.Find substitutes Before you eliminate a favorite snack instantly, find a whole food that kids like. Let them take both snacks at the same time and gradually reduce the number of unhealthy snacks. It will be easier to replace unhealthy snacks when they already love the alternative.

  4.Have a plan A vital part of clean eating is avoiding pre-cooked meals and fast food. To do so, you must have a meal plan because it will save you time and energy. After making a meal plan, shop in advance and stock your home with healthy food.

  5.Prepare your food Making a list and buying the food is only the first step. You need to prepare your food and have it ready to go. Have the fruits washed, vegetables clean and cut, and snacks portioned and packed. When your food is prepped, you won't want to grab a snack from the vending machine. 

6.Have a budget While eating clean is essential, it is not a worthy practice if you have to break the bank for it. This is a lifetime commitment so you must live within your means. There are affordable options for every class of people make a budget and stick to it.

 7.Use polite bites policy Make a rule that everyone has to take a bite or two of everything served to them. Even when nobody wants to, they will bite out of courtesy. After some time the taste buds change and adapt to the new foods.

  8.Make tasty food Trying to replace the greasy foods and sugary snacks with steamed veggies is not easy. Learn to prepare your food differently to make it tasty and delicious. For example, instead of pan frying chicken, you can roast it to improve texture and give it the grill-like flavor.

 9.Involve everyone When everyone is involved in cooking, shopping, or making the meal plan, they feel included and will want to consume the end product.

 10.Have a reward system Have a reward system for the family for every successful milestone. For example, you can put it down on the family board that there will be a family outing for every successful week of clean eating. Have weekly, monthly and annual treats.

Victoria DiohComment