10 ways to add flavour to your food

Making a delicious meal is all about playing around with flavor enhancers and attaining a balance is vital. Here are ten different ways to intensify food flavors.

10 ways to add flavors to your food

   1.Fresh herbs Fresh herbs like parsley, coriander, basil, and mint have sensational bursts of flavor. Add them towards the end of cooking to avoid losing their rich flavors.

  2.Dried spices and herbs Dried herbs vary in intensity and are usually added in the earlier stages of cooking. They are not as rich as the fresh spices, but their non-perishability makes them an obvious choice for many people. Dried spices like cumin, smoked paprika, and coriander give meat dishes an extra edge.

 3.Incorporate sauces Sauces like soy, black bean, sweet soy, fish and hoisin sauce have a savory flavor. With recipes that recommend both salt and sauce, you can dilute the sauce or use it in the original form while leaving the salt out altogether.

  4.Add heat For people who are partial to hot food, pepper and ginger are must-haves. You can use as much as you need since both ingredients vary in heat and flavor. Freshly cut ginger gives a whammy aroma, heat, and flavor.

 5.Use Alliums Members of the garlic and onion family are a great flavour booster. Depending on your cooking techniques, you may add chives and spring onions towards the end or at the beginning of your cooking. Garlic bulbs roasted in foil can be used whole by squeezing the pulp over grilled and roasted meat. The remaining pulp can always be refrigerated for future use.

 6.Use Paste Tomato paste has an intense flavour, which means you only need little amounts to make a difference. You can use tomato paste for soups, stews, stir fry sauces, dressing and gravy. Tomato paste is known to have a distinct ton called umami (deliciousness).

  7.Alter cooking techniques To achieve a different flavour, you may change your meat cooking routine. Poultry and fish meat can be cooked using high-heat techniques to intensify the taste. But be careful not to char, overcook, or burn the meat. Browning the meat correctly adds flavour to a meal. 

8.Citrus Citrus juice, grated citrus peels, and other lime-based spices add a tangy taste to a meal. Lemon, lime, and orange add an acidic balance that brings out a distinct flavor in food. Be careful though not all meals take the acidity positively.

   9.Mix up white pepper Both black and white pepper finish the meal with gushing flavors, but white pepper has some added savory that goes best with mashed potatoes, chili dishes, and cheese sauces. If you can get the white peppers whole, that is the best option. Once ground, you can mix them with small quantities of other rich ingredients like cilantro, chipotle pepper, or pomegranate seeds.

 10.Grill veggies over high heat Grilling and roasting vegetables at a temperature of about 450 either over the grill or oven gives them a smoky flavor. Before you put them in an oven, be sure to sprinkle them with herbs and high-heat oil.

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