Hot Pepper Sauce and Meat

Early in the year 2015, I came around the idea of starting my own hot sauce pepper company. The company is all about the production of various types of hot pepper sauces that are not only healthy but also sugar-free, gluten-free, non- processed and vegan-friendly cooking pepper sauce.   Our company's main aim was to cover the consumers' needs; thus the sauces are all a 4 in 1 product. This means the hot pepper sauces serves as a dip, seasoning, marinade and garnish

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How To Cook with Hot Pepper Sauce

  Hot pepper sauce not only serves as a condiment as it would completely transform a dish. Here are some tips and ideas to apply your favorite hot pepper sauce into various types of meals especially with meat.



 Meat lovers go for this method as it's about putting well-chopped pieces of meat into the hot pepper sauce briefly before eating it. When cooking the beef spread the butter on the cooking pan and fry the meat for 2minutes tops on both sides. For the sauce add the bottle to a saucepan and bring to cook until reduced by half. You may use the hot pepper sauce of your choice from our company that is mentioned below.


  The term seasoning means the addition of a substance especially salt, spicy sauce or pepper to improve the taste of a meal. For our hot pepper sauce seasoning entails cooking the meat then later one may opt to spread the cooking pepper sauce of your choice and place it in the oven to bake. This is an addition to an extra mouthwatering taste.



 As we all know marinade is all about softening the meat before cooking it. Addition of the hot pepper sauce makes it fast and easy as it's a marinade by itself, you may opt to use it alone. However, there some who prefer to use it as a starter and temper some of the heat by adding citrus or water.    


Vic's Kitchen produces non-processed, sugar free, gluten free, and Vegan friendly cooking pepper sauces, inspired by the exotic flavors from Africa



  Garnishing a meal entails decorating the meat for better presentation. Using hot pepper sauce to garnish requires one to whisk over the sauce at low heat until thoroughly heated. You may add a little salt and extra pepper to taste if desired. Serve the meat with garnished parsley springs or onion rings.    


Which Hot sauce do I recommend

  Having produced about 6 to 7 types of hot sauce namely:

Mild tomato pepper sauce, Verde pepper sauce, Extra hot pepper sauce, and Golden pepper sauce among others. I would say try anything and everything. This may be arguable, but there is no perfect hot sauce, they only have different flavors. In the end, you may end up picking the one you prefer best. Moreover, from the reviews from the people who have used it already, there are no health side effects are posted.

    In conclusion, you can never go wrong with good food. An extra tip to the ladies the way to a man's heart is through their stomach and with that look no other way but be the super chef everybody thinks you are!

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