How to Make Black Pepper Sauce


 Scientifically known as piper nigrum,

black pepper is obtained after the fruit vine is dried and ready to use as a seasoning or as a spice. The final product is what most of us know as either ground pepper or peppercorn- green, red and white in variation.

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Hot pepper sauce is one of the world's renowned food additives for its flavor, ease of preparation, numerous health benefits, and its ability to go with a variety of meals. An ounce of black pepper has so much to offer.

Health Benefits

 Apart from the rich aroma and tasty meals, black pepper has a lot of health benefits which include:   Immune boosting properties It has antioxidant, anti-bacterial and the ability to reduce fever. Pepper is often used to help smoking addicts in their journey towards quitting smoking.


Skin Remedy

 Black pepper has rich nutrients that keep the skin hydrated, gets rid of toxins and enables one to achieve a youthful, glowing complexion. For radiating skin, it can be added to yogurt and honey as an exfoliator.

Preventing grey skin

 Grey hair is raising concerns in both elderly and young people. Like every condition, going natural is the best way to find a solution. A half teaspoon of black pepper added to half a cup of yogurt is a recommended treatment regime to prevent grey hair. Rub the mixture on the scalp and let it rest for 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly using warm water. Regular application of the mixture will have a significant impact.

   For Arthritis

 As an essential oil, black pepper has a somewhat burning sensation that helps in blood circulation. It is useful for relieving joint and muscle pain in arthritis patients. It also helps get rid of uric acid in the body which is dangerous to arthritis patients.

Soothing Toothaches

 When mixed with salt whether in food or without, its anti-bacterial properties prevents tooth decay bacteria from spreading in the mouth. For effectiveness, it can be applied directly to the affected tooth.

Pepper sauce recipes One of the most straightforward black pepper sauce recipes is a four-ingredient sauce. It is made of;  Brandy or cognac Crushed peppercorns or ground black pepper Beef broth Cream This simple sauce is best for steak, or grilled chicken served with greens on the side.

There are many pepper sauce recipes deceptively simple to make, and the creamy black pepper sauce is at the top. Black pepper sauce for Burgers The steak burger pepper sauce can be used to dip burgers or pour on the burger steak. Packed with cheese and red onions, the creamy sauce is ideal for a large gathering or a nice weekend family meal.


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Pepper sauces can be made from pretty much any combination of ingredients and spices without fear of losing its taste. When used with other spices, black pepper usually elevates their liking, without compromising with its flavor.  Unlike most spices that may have a negative impact on the body, pepper has remarkable tract to aid the body in nutrient absorption and reduce acidity in the stomach hence prevents ulcers.